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I grew up in Bristol, and as an eccentric teenager, used to catch the bus to Bath’s antiques markets and vintage clothes shops in search of treasures.

I am an artist with a compulsion to record and catalogue life. My paintings explore memories and recollection through clothing and everyday objects; favorite china, shoes, old photographs and toys.I love to focus in on the small things, buttons, pins, lettering, and imperfections, in creases, chips and cracks. I have a passion for the texture and language of fabrics, taffeta, silk and velvet; pleats, plackets and ruffles.I love painting clothing, linking each garment with objects, to tell stories about where a dress came from or what happened on the day it was worn. I feel the poignancy of a dress on a hanger can be as evocative as a photograph. Through the way things wear, a frayed collar, pulled thread or lost button, feelings and moments in time can be recalled.

My move to painting from a twenty year career in large scale garden ceramics, was originally led by a love of colours and evocative names on paint tubes; alizarin crimson, cerulean blue, veridian and carmine.

I stretch my own canvases in a traditional way using raw linen, fixed with tacks and sized with rabbit skin glue. I often work on two or three canvases at a time, each picture taking, in total hours, from a week to more than a month to complete. My watercolours, use the contrast of precise pencil drawing and loose and fluid colour.

Every working day is spent in my studio shed where I often return to paint at night as exhibition deadlines approach. I now live in the Forest of Dean with my potter-partner, Nigel Lambert. My paintings sell through exhibitions, and locally in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Recent exhibitions have been at Museum in the Park Stroud, The George Newnham and the RWA in Bristol.