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My paintings explore memories and recollection through clothing, everyday objects, and collections; favorite china, feathers, old photographs, and seaside treasures.My larger paintings are in oils, I stretch my own canvases in a traditional way using raw linen, fixed with tacks and sized with rabbit skin glue.

I also enjoy painting watercolours of small, often overlooked objects, using the contrast of precise pencil  drawing painted with a loose and fluid colour.I love to focus in on the small things, buttons, pins, lettering, and creases, chips and cracks.In my paintings of clothing I link each garment with objects, to tell stories. I feel the poignancy of a dress on a hanger can be as evocative as a photograph. I often work on two or three pictures at a time, spending every working day in my studio, in the garden of our Forest-of- Dean cottage. I surround myself with the results of my collecting and hoarding, which serve as a constant inspiration for paintings. I grew up in Bristol, studied ceramics in Cornwall in the early eighties and began painting ten years ago.My paintings sell through exhibitions and galleries mainly in the South West.

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